“I found out that I wanted to work for an international company”

Linn decided to swap her studies in Technical Management for her passion: Latin American Studies in Leiden.

Following my passion

"After a year of Technical Management in Delft I decided to follow my passion: Latin American Studies in Leiden. During my studies, I tried to do as many extra-curricular activities as I could. For a whole year, I had a full-time position on a board, and I did a half-year internship in Buenos Aires. During my master’s programme, I took part in the Leiden Leadership Programme, which focuses on personal and leadership development. Thanks to all these study experiences I found out that I wanted a career within a large international company.”

Her studies taught her skills that are useful in her work

"In September 2013 I became an HR management trainee at Unilever. As a Unilever trainee, you get a real job from the start. Together with my manager, I support the head of the European sales department in the field of human resources. It is a very diverse job: one day I carry out salary negotiations for a Unilever expat coming to the Netherlands, and the next day I plan how we can make sure that the best people end up in the right positions.

Of course I am not directly using the knowledge that I acquired in my studies, but I’ve realised that international collaboration in an international work environment really suits me thanks to my knowledge of different cultures. My studies have also taught me skills such as being able to independently set up and carry out projects and collaborations.”

Why Unilever?

“The young international corporate culture, the professionalism and the direct responsibility that you get as a trainee at Unilever really appeal to me. It is very motivating to see that you can make a direct impact. Everyone is proud of the well-known brands and the vision of Unilever, and their enthusiasm is contagious! Plus I really like working with people, and human resources is of course all about getting the best out of people. My most important tip: spend some time thinking about your future and show your future employer – through your choice of study and your extra-curricular activities – where your passion lies and what you have to offer. Good luck!”

Tip from the career adviser

Career Adviser Loes Nordlohne: “Linn followed her passion and she did a lot of activities alongside her studies. All these activities allowed Linn to further develop her capabilities, and helped her discover where her talents lie. She was able to convince her employer of her knowledge and skills. My tips? Be open to new experiences during your studies, such as an internship or a board position. Attend in-house days and business courses to get a sense of the atmosphere in different companies. Try to stretch your boundaries just a little. That way you can discover what you are good at and what you like.”

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