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Leiden Classics: Bibliotheca Thysiana, a 17th century time machine

From once controversial scientific works and historical bibles, to personal shopping lists and clothing bills. The 17th-century Bibliotheca Thysiana and the archive of the collector Johannes Thysius exhibit both the intellectual and everyday life as it was three hundred years ago. Now a brand-new digital inventory has been developed, which will enable us to make new discoveries.

‘Don’t sing like a donkey’

Hendrik Vanden Abeele has used his experience as a musician to study various interpretations of the Gregorian chant. This musical style has been interpreted and performed in many different ways throughout its long history, which has caused some serious consternation and debate in the past. His defence is scheduled for 15 December.

The multicultural history of soya sauce

The soya sauce in our kitchen cabinets is not a recent acquisition. This sauce is an important element in a long history of exchange between Asia and Europe. This is what Anne Gerritsen claims in her inaugural lecture for the Kikkoman Chair on Friday 12 December.