News and events

New language museum for Leiden

Leiden is to have a new language museum in 2015, a public institute focusing on language in all its facets and where science and social developments come together for a broad public. It won't be in a building, but at different places in the city. Dynamic, contemporary, flexible and affordable. The details of the plan will be presented on 29 September.

Re-run course 'Sharia in the West'

The successful free SPOC (Small Private Online Course) at Master level "Sharia in the West" at Leiden University will re-run this fall with new features like a documentary as research project.

Leiden Summer School Linguistics

The 9th Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics will be held from 14 July till 25 July. The participants come from all over the world: from China to the United States and from Iran to Russia. The oldest participant has even passed the age of 80!