Time Schedule

All classes are held daily, Monday to Friday, from 10 to 21 July 2017.
Since the time slots apply to all courses within the individual programmes of the Summer School, and since the courses are all taught at the same location, it is possible to create your own programme by choosing a combination of courses from among the different programmes.

Timeslot 1: 9.30-11.00

Old Saxon and Old Dutch (Kerkhof)
Classical Armenian (Martirosyan)
Indo-European Nominal Compounding (Fellner)
Vedic Poetry (Knobl)
Balochi (Korn)
Russian Historical Grammar (Pronk)
Hebrew: Texts from Ancient Israelite Literature (Gianto)
Sumerian (Jagersma)
Introduction to Papyrology (various teachers)
Descriptive Linguistics (Mous)

Timeslot 2: 11.30-13.00

Old Frisian (Bremmer)
Avestan Linguistics and Philology from Comparative Indo-European Perspective (Sadovski)
Minor Languages of Anatolia: Lycian and Phrygian (Kloekhorst & Lubotsky)
Vedic Prose (Knobl)
Voices on Birchbark. Messages from Medieval Russia: Daily Life and Communication (Schaeken)
Ugaritic Language and Literature (Gianto)
Dutch for beginners (Pronk-Tiethoff)
Reading Greek Papyri 1 (Hoogendijk, Scheerlinck, Stolk)
Tone Analysis (Kutsch Lojenga)

Timeslot 3: 14.00-15.30

Reading Old Norse Sagas (Quak)
Introduction to Proto-Indo-European Phonology and Morphology (Kerkhof)
Indo-European Poetry and Ritual: Textual Testimonies of Archaic Theology, Cosmology and Anthropology (Sadovski)
Learning Tamil Through Sanskrit: An Introduction to Late Tamil Manipravalam (Ciotti)
Manichaean Middle Persian (Durkin-Meisterernst)
Russian Literature 1: How To Be an Alien -- From Tolstoy and Nabokov to Sinyavsky and Pelevin (L. Lubotsky)
The Linguistic History of Arabic (van Putten & Al-Jallad)
History of Linguistics: From Pāṇini and Dionysius Thrax, through the Neo-grammarians, Saussure and Chomsky, to the present (de Jonge, Lubotsky, Verhagen)
Reading Greek Papyri 2 (Hoogendijk, Scheerlinck, Stolk)
Field Methods (Rapold)

Timeslot 4: 16.00-17.30

Old English (Porck)
Introduction to Mycenaean (van Beek)
Historical Grammar of Hittite (Kloekhorst)
Sanskrit Drama Hitting Below the Belt: Readings from Bhāsa’s Ūrubhaṅga (Cuneo)
Introduction to Manichaeism (de Jong)
Russian Literature 2: How To Be an Alien -- From Tolstoy and Nabokov to Sinyavsky and Pelevin (L. Lubotsky)
The Old Syriac Inscriptions (Gzella)
Lexicostatistical Methods in Historical Linguistics (Starostin)
Corpus Building (TBA)