General information

The 12th Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics will be held from July 10th to 21st 2017 at the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University.


The 2017 Summer School in Languages and Linguistics will offer ten different programmes. To register, please fill out our registration form. Please note that registration won't be final until we receive payment. The main page of the Summer School which contains information about accommodation, prices, venue, etc. can be found here.  

Teaching language

All courses are taught in English, which means that good knowledge of the English language is a basic requirement. Only the course on Russian literature is taught in Russian.


Active participation in a course stands for 2 ECTS. At the end of the Summer School, every participant will receive a certificate, which will indicate the courses followed and the amount of awarded ECTS credits. In order to get 5 ECTS credits (in total per course), participants can ask their teacher for an extra take-home examination, which will then be corrected and graded after the Summer School. If the student passes, he/she will receive a new certificate with the extra three ECTS from the organisation.

Tuition fee

The fees for participation are as follows:

  • €550,- for 3 or 4 courses / timeslots 
  • €390,- for 2 courses / timeslots 
  • €240,- for 1 course / timeslot
There is a special rate for registered BA/MA/PhD students (outside Leiden), who pay
  • €460,- for 3 or 4 courses / timeslots
  • €330,- for 2 courses / timeslots  
  • €190,- for 1 course / timeslot
BA/MA/PhD students, registered in Leiden, pay
  • €260,- for 3 or 4 courses / timeslots
  • €190,- for 2 courses / timeslots
  • €120,- for 1 course / timeslot
Fee includes tuition, study materials, extra-curricular activities, coffee and tea during breaks, welcome reception and farewell diner.


Lunch is not included in the tuition fee. However, a warm lunch will be provided daily at the same location as the courses. Participating in the joint lunch in possible for an additional € 75,- (for all 10 days of the Summer School, € 7,50 per day).

Extra-curricular activities

Apart from the classes, some extra-curricular activities will be planned during the Summer School, which are included in the tuition fee.

Opening reception
In the afternoon of Sunday, July 9th, an opening reception will be held. Attending the reception is not obligatory, but offers all participants an opportunity to get to know each other and their teachers in an informal setting.

Farewell dinner
After the last classes on Friday, July 21st, a joint dinner will end the Summer School in a festive way. At this occassion, all participants will receive their certificates.

Evening programme
During the Summer School some evening lectures will be organised.