Time schedule

Since the timeslots apply to all courses within the individual programmes of the Summer School, and since the courses are all taught at the same location, it is possible to create your own programme by choosing a combination of courses from among the different Programmes.

Timeslot 1: 09.30-11.00
Demotic papyrology: Introduction to the Demotic script and vocabulary
Germanic: Germanic morphophonology
Indo-European: Historical grammar of Latin
Indological: Features of Vedic poetry
Iranian: Introduction to Old and Middle Iranian   
Russian: Active Russian
Semitic: Introduction to Ugaritic      

Timeslot 2: 11.30–13.00
Germanic: Old Germanic Law
Indological: The syntax of Vedic prose
Indo-European: Oscan and Umbrian
Indo-European: Anatolian historical grammar   
Iranian: Pahlavi
Russian: Active Russian 
Semitic: Introduction to Comparative Semitic

Timeslot 3:  14.00–15.30
Demotic papyrology: Demotic texts, formulas and genres
Germanic: Old Norse
Indo-European: Introduction to PIE phonology and morphology
Indo-European: Historical grammar of Sanskrit  
Indological: Preparation time
Iranian: Preparation time
Russian: "Eugene Onegin"  
Semitic: The History of the Alphabet: An Introduction to Semitic Epigraphy

Timeslot 4:  16.00–17.30
Germanic: Old Saxon 
Indo-European: The Glottalic theory
Indological: Kālidāsa, "Vikramorvaśīya“
Iranian: Introduction to Zoroastrianism
Russian: "The Master and Margarita"  
Semitic: Old Aramaic