All courses will be taught on a daily basis for 90 minutes per day. There are four timeslots so that you can take up to four courses within the Summer School period. The daily schedule will be as follows:

      9.30 – 11.00  Course 1 
    11.30 – 13.00  Course 2 
    13.00 – 14.00  Lunch 
    14.00 – 15.30  Course 3 
    16.00 – 17.30  Course 4 
    17.30 – 19.00  Dinner 
    19.00 – 21.00  Evening program

Since these timeslots apply to all courses within the individual programmes of the Summer School, and since the courses are all taught at the same location, it is possible to create your own programme by choosing a combination of courses from among the different Summer School Programmes. For a complete overview of all courses in the Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics, see the Time schedule.