Evening Programme

In the evening, there will be a series of lectures given by the teachers of the Summer School. These are intended for a general public and can be followed by all participants or others interested in the subject.


All lectures will be held at the Snouck Hurgronje house, Rapenburg 61. For directions, click here
Lectures will start at 20 h.
Entrance is free and all are welcome.

Tuesday, July 16th 
Leonid Kulikov
Transitivity and labile verbs in Indo-European and beyond: A diachronic typological perspective

Thursday, July 18th
Maarten Mous
The making of a mixed language: The case of Ma’á/Mbugu

Monday, July 22nd
Alwin Kloekhorst
The use of the cuneiform script by the Hittites: new ideas about the signs TA and DA.

Tuesday, July 23rd
Marcelle Cole
Old Northumbrian: English on the Verge of a Linguistic Breakdown

Wednesday, July 24th
Lena Lubotsky
Поэма-сказка Марины Цветаевой "Молодец": приглашение к медленному чтению.
The poem of Marina Tsvetaeva "Molodets": an invitation to slow reading
N.B. Lecture in Russian

Thursday, July 25th
Martin Kohlberger 
Language Contact in Northwestern Amazonia