Programmes 2012

Indo-European Programme

The Indo-European Programme of the Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics consists of courses for beginners and for advanced students. Those interested in Indo-Iranian may consider taking some of the courses taught within the Iranian Programme and the Indological Programme. Those interested in Germanic may take some of the courses of the Germanic programme.

Russian Programme

The programme aims at University students and graduates, interpreters and translators (e.g. students of ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalen and registered RBTV interpreters and translators), professionals and other people having excellent command of the Russian language. Course duration is 2 weeks, 4 hours per day. Active participation in every Masterclass stands for 4 ECTS.

Evening Programme

In the evening, there will be a series of lectures given by the teachers of the Summer School. These are intended for a general public and can be followed by all participants or others interested in the subject.