Looking for a language buddy?

Would you like to practice your language skills with a native speaker or someone who has already mastered the language you are learning? The Student Information Desk can help you find a 'language buddy'.

Do you need help in learning a foreign language? Leiden University students originate from a wide variety of countries. Take advantage of their expertise!

Send an e-mail to the Student Information Desk with the subject ‘Language Buddy’. Calls will be displayed on the website for three weeks. The Student Information Desk has the right to shorten, change or decline calls.

Hello, my name is Nicky van der Steen -

second year student in maths and physics. I'd like to learn Italian because next semester I will be in Padua for an Erasmus exchange (and because I think the language is beautiful)...

Therefore I'm hoping to find an Italian student how wants to help me. In return I can teach you that other beautiful language, Dutch, or help you with English, or just show you some of the good things in Leiden and around (-- luckily our country is small).

Hoping to hear from you! (email: nicky96vandersteen@hotmail.com, phone: 0640630563).

Naam: Zuheir Bakka
Telefoonnummer: 0684860788

Ik zoek een Nederlands taalmaatje
Mijn niveau is A2 bij leiden universiteit.
Ik spreek Engels, Arabisch een beetje Nederlands
Vind je het leuk om met een syrische student Nederlands te spreken?
Of wil je je Arabisch verbeteren?
Dan kunnen we elkaar helpen.
Ik hoor graag van je.. :) :)

Last Modified: 22-02-2017