Honours College: Humanities Lab

Would you like to make more of your study? In the second semester the Faculty of Humanities offers a new, varied Honours College programme for the first year Bachelor students: Humanities Lab. This programme focuses on the rich domain of the Humanities.

Courses in English

In the first week of April 2014 Humanities Lab starts with an orientation course (5 EC). This course will focus on questions like what it means to be human and explores the fascinating interaction between culture and nature.

At this point in time the orientation course will be taught in Dutch only. If you want to sign up for Humanities Lab but are unable to follow the orientation course in Dutch, please contact the student advisor of Humanities Lab Ms. Els Munter.

In case the number of English-only students who want to participate in the orientation course is substantial enough, Humanities Lab will organize an alternative in English. Note that you have to achieve good results in your studies and be motivated to take on an extra subject!

Two elective courses

In September 2014 you can take two elective courses in English: Language, Power and Identity and War and Peace. If you missed the orientation course, you can still catch up by taking this course in your second year. In 2014-2015 a substantial part of the Humanities Lab-courses will be taught in English, including the orientation course. At that time the complete Humanities Lab-programme of 30 EC can be followed in English:

Programme Humanities Lab

  • orientation course (5 EC)
  • two elective themes (15 EC)
  • student conference (5 EC)
  • Honours Class (5 EC).

All courses (except the Honours Class) are scheduled for Friday afternoon.

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Last Modified: 12-05-2015