Thesis seminar

The Faculty has decided that BA students need to write their thesis within the context of a thesis seminar. If you are studying at a nominal rate, you will attend such a seminar within your own study programme. However, if you have been delayed in your studies for whatever reason, and want to write your thesis during the first semester, it is often not possible to follow a regular seminar within your study programme. In that case, you can attend the generic BA thesis seminar offered by the EAV.

Working towards a good thesis

This seminar consists of a number of sessions, each focused on a step in the thesis writing proces or on a common stumbling point. At the beginning of the series there are weekly sessions in order to help you draw your research plan and thesis outline. In the following three months you will be carrying your plan out under the supervision of your thesis supervisor. The seminar groups meet then once a month. During the last session the students present briefly their research results.

The thesis seminar is meant to complement the guidance you receive from the supervisor within your study programme; it is not meant to replace it. The seminar will not provide any instruction with regard to the content of your thesis; it is meant to support you during the planning and writing process. The seminar instructor will not be involved in the grading of your thesis; the responsibility for the content and therefore for correcting and grading your thesis lies with your supervisor within your study programme. However, the seminar instructor will be in touch with your supervisor.


The thesis seminar begins in the week of September 12th, 2016 (week 37). Please register for it beforehand in uSis (code 5003VSCRSW). Information about the times and locations of the meetings can be found on the EAV timetables for semester 1.

The language of instruction in the thesis seminar is Dutch, except for the Thursday evening meetings (5-7 p.m.), which will be conducted in English if there are non-Dutch speakers. If you would like to join the seminar and you do not speak Dutch, please contact the lecturer, dr. Grace Rowicka, at

Before the seminar begins: Please take your time to think about a thesis topic. Which course did you enjoy most? What topics did you find intriguing? Which questions were left unanswered during the course? It is also advisable to contact your potential supervisor and make sure they can supervise you. The seminar will then help you the best to be quick out of the starting blocks.

Last Modified: 14-06-2016