Expertise Centre for Academic Skills (EAV)

The Expertise Centre for Academic Skills (in Dutch: Expertisecentrum Academische Vaardigheden, EAV) provides instruction in academic skills within various BA programmes. The EAV also organises a thesis seminar specifically for BA students. The EAV Writing Centre offers free advice to students who are working on their assignments.

The members of the EAV team are: dr Martin Baasten (coordinator), drs. Joram Pach and dr Grace Rowicka. They can be contacted via

In July 2015 the EAV is closed for the summer holidays.

Writing Centre

The EAV Writing Centre offers advice related to academic writing assignments. During an individual tuition session you get advice from a specially trained fellow-student (writing tutor) concerning the topic, structure, style and other issues related to your thesis or other writing assignment. For more information see the EAV Writing Centre.

Thesis Seminar

The Thesis Seminar offers support with writing a third-year BA thesis. For further information, see: Thesis Seminar.

Instruction in Academic Skills

The EAV offers instruction in various academic skills: general skills, speed reading, critical reading, evaluating sources, writing an academic essay and giving oral presentations. For further information, see Instruction in Academic Skills.

Last Modified: 25-06-2015