Ellips is a program to train your language skills.


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Ellips is a program to train your language skills. Find out more about Ellips through the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Ellips:

How can I use Ellips?
Log on to Ellips with your ULCN-account. First enroll for Ellips via your teacher.

Your log on name is unknown
Your log on code is identical to your ULCN-account (it starts with an s followed by 7 digits; sxxxxxxx). If the error still occurs, contact the Ellips helpdesk

Error: onbekende gebruiker/wachtwoord combinatie.
When there is a problem with your ULCN-account/password combination you can contact the ISSC helpdesk by telephone 071-527 8888. They will change the password and inform you. See above under "Can't login?"

I receive an error message when logging on
When a wrong password is entered, an error occurs. To prevent this from happening the log on screen needs to be reloaded, this can be done through the following link.

The course I am following is not present in Ellips.
Notify the helpdesk and it will be corrected.

Test problem: My answers are not stored.
Are you using Internet Explorer? If you are not, then you should. This is the only web browser supported by Ellips. When you use another web browser, your input will not be stored into the database and so, no results can be displayed. If you are using Internet Explorer then it  may be you are not using the check button (at the bottom of your screen, in the centre) to verify your answers.

Results problem: My results are not shown
If you are not using Internet Explorer, your input has not been stored and therefore cannot be displayed. If “#1” is shown when you have selected a test and the result is 0, then you have not passed the test. You can verify this by clicking on the “#1” link and afterwards select the second question of the test (click on the arrow at the top right of the screen). After this action the results of this test are displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen (displayed as green bars with percentages on the right side). The required percentage to pass a test is generally 90%, but this can differ per course. If you are uncertain,  check with your professor to make sure.

If you still have a question, consult the Quick Start Guide Ellips or fill in this question form

Last Modified: 14-09-2017