Blackboard for students

Blackboard is the online learning environment for the University of Leiden. A learning environment is a web-based tool designed to help manage and improve student learning. Blackboard offers not only facilities to have structured learning content (web pages, presentations, lecture notes, computer-aided learning applications, audio, video clips, etc.), but also provides student management, communication and assessment tools, and a range of other useful functions.

Login to Blackboard

Go to the Blackboard site. You need your ULCN account to log in. Enter your username and password and click the Login button. (Your username is your studentnumber preceded by an “s”.)

Can't login?

When there is a problem with your ULCN account/password combination you can contact the ISSC helpdesk (Lipsius building, ground floor next to the Literair Café; please do not forget to bring a valid identification card) by telephone 071-527 8888 or by e-mail: They will change the password and inform you. It is wise to enter your mobile telephone number in uPrefs. uPrefs is the system where you can change the preferences of your ULCN account. When you might forget your password again in the future, the helpdesk people can send you an SMS with a new password to your mobile phone. You will find uPrefs at > Eigen Velden > Instellen/wijzigen

Can't enroll?

In some cases Blackboard will not show the chevron (the double arrow). It may be that the option for self enrollment is disabled, or that the end date for self enrollment has expired, or that the course is full. Please contact your teacher and ask whether you can still be enrolled. Always provide the course name and your student number ('s number').

Enrolling to courses

To enroll for a course go to the tab Courses and open the Course Catalog (module on the right) and open “Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen”. Now use the navigation panel to select your course. Select the one you want to enroll to. Click on the chevron behind the course ID and select “Enroll”. Confirm your enrollment and click Submit. You now have been registered to the course. Go to the tab My Institution at the top of your screen. This is Blackboard's home page after login. You can find and open your new course via the module (list) My Courses.

SafeAssign and Turnitin

An instructor might ask you to upload a paper etc. through either SafeAssign or Turnitin. This works essentially the same as uploading a standard assignment, but these tools will check your submission for plagiarism. The way these programs work is by comparing your text to public texts on the internet, and to texts in academic and commercial publications. Further, submitted papers are compared to papers that have been submitted earlier by other students of the same university.

To upload your assignment via one of these tools click View/Complete. Fill in the form.

Upload your paper in section 2 (check the guidelines of your instructor regarding size, and format), and add comments for your instructor if you like. Then, in section 3, you are asked whether you want to have your paper added to the Global Reference Database. When checked, your paper will not only be added to the paper database of Leiden University – which is always done – but also to the world-wide database, such that papers from students of other universities will be compared to your paper! Submit your paper.

Enter the name of your paper, upload it and confirm that this is really the paper that you want to submit. Check the guidelines of your instructor regarding size, and format first. Turnitin will send you a confirmation receipt by email.

In principle, the results of the plagiarism scans are only available for instructors.

Blackboard support

More information on Blackboard can be found at the homepage of Blackboard under 'Informatie voor Studenten en Docenten' (Information available in English). Do you still have a question? Use this question form. You can also use the Quick Start Guide for students.

Last Modified: 12-09-2014