Become one of Leiden University’s digital advisors

Would you like to contribute your thoughts and talk about Leiden University’s facilities? Then please register now for the Leiden University Panel pilot, which starts in June.

Brief electronic surveys

The University Services Department (UFB) is looking for assistants who are prepared to periodically respond to a survey on the university’s restaurants, cafes and other facilities, such as copiers, the postal service and emergency response team. Completing each survey will take 5 to 10 minutes. The university will be able to use the results to improve its services and better focus on the needs of you, our customer. Your opinion, therefore, is very important. What do you think of UFB’s services?


Would you like to give us your opinion as a digital advisor? Then please go to the Leiden University Panel’s website and register. You will soon be able to respond to the surveys on this website, and view an analysis of the results. The first survey will start in June and will cover the UFB’s catering facilities.

Last Modified: 13-06-2016