Broad subject or in-depth study: choose the minor that suits you best

The minors information day at the Faculty of Humanities will take place on Tuesday 12 April. This is the perfect opportunity for you to find out exactly what your options are. To make it even easier, we have asked some study coordinators why you should choose their minor.

Minor in European Union Studies

‘The EU is hot news at the moment, which makes it an interesting subject for many people. It’s something you are part of, too. In this minor, you will look at the EU from different perspectives, such as its history, its institutions, the current state of the EU and rights and the economy within the EU. There are also elective subjects you can choose to gain a more in-depth understanding of such issues as the criticism of the EU, migration and human rights protection. It’s good to know that the whole minor is in English.’

Janneke Walstra – coordinator

Minor in Culture and Society in Morocco

A brand-new minor will start In September 2016 at the Netherlands Institute in Morocco (NIMAR), in Rabat, the country’s capital. The minor is open for students of Humanities or Social and Behavioural Sciences. In three months you will have an intensive training in all aspects of modern Morocco. You will be taught by Moroccan and other international academics about the country’s history, society and politics. Besides the lectures, there will also be excursions within the city and a five-day fieldwork trip to the Moroccan interior.

Check out the full description.


The application deadline may differ per minor, so make a careful note of the dates for the minors you are interested in. You can find a list of the minors offered in English here. Further information on venue and time is available in the calendar.

Last Modified: 11-04-2016