Reader ordering procedure (for FGW employees)

It is possible to submit a digital copy of your readers in PDF format at the Copy & Printshop.

Your copy should be accompanied by: 

  1. The request for permission, if necessary, regarding the copyrights.
    Note: Different rules apply for copying short sections from works and longer sections from national publications and international publications. These rules have been stated on the website of the PRO foundation.
    In short, it can be summarised as follows:

    Shorter passages have been bought out by the VSNU and do not need to be mentioned. These include the following:

    - no more than 10,000 words from books;
    - no more than 8,000 words from articles;
    - It is not permitted to use more than one third of the whole;
    - A picture or figure counts for 200 words.

    Short, copied passages should be mentioned in the reader.

    To copy longer sections of a work, a request for permission must to be submitted. This can easily be done via the interactive webportal of the PRO foundation at:
    Request a login name and password from the Studiepunt. Copying longer sections of a work without the publisher's permission could lead to large fines. For more information, please visit the Studiepunt.

  2. Reader dust-jacket: For the dust-jacket to your reader(s), you are kindly requested to use this format.

  3. Reader delivery form: Please fill in this form, using this SAP number: 1510203050.
    With this form, you will be able to indicate how many teacher's copies you would like to receive and these will be delivered to the Copy & Printshop.

At the ordering website, you will find a list of the available readers along with their corresponding prices.

Last Modified: 06-11-2013