Staff Information

Some pointers to websites (mostly in Dutch) that contain information for staff members.

Employee information portal

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You want to ask someone to look at the financial details of your NWO proposal, but you don't know who to turn to? Want to create a PDF file but don't know how? Consult the information portal for employees. This website will provide the answers to many of the practical problems you might encounter in your work as an employee of this faculty:

IT-support for researchers

Overview of IT-facilities and support you may need in your research.

Why having a good personal homepage is so important

Nowadays, to be visible as a scientist has really become a matter of being visible to search engines. Google has to be able to find you. This webpage explains why this is so important, and how you can update your homepage such that it can easily be found.

General services and facilities

The WSD Servicedesk handles matters concerning catering, relocation, classroom reservations, cleaning and mail.

Contact them in the hall of the Lipsius building, Cleveringaplaats 1, call 071-5272400 or mail to servicedesk.

For information on services and facilities that are offered university wide, please consult the LU services and facilities website, or the Information portal (in Dutch)


Under the heading ULCN (University Leiden Community Network), the university community is provided with a collection of IT-related services which not only facilitate the teaching and following of courses, but also facilitate internal communication between members of the university community. Staff members with a ‘one account for everything’ can access the following facilities:

  • The Blackboard digital learning environment;
  • A web-mail box (uMail), including a mail-forwarding function;
  • The Information Portal of the University Library;
  • The Terms of Employment Option Model;
  • Online ordering of campus-licensed software (Surfspot).

Further information and instructions can be found on the ULCN website.


At Leiden University different cards are in circulation for students, staff, visitors and externals for identification, building access, copying, sporting and parking. The university will gradually replace all cards by a LU-Card. In time the university extend the capabilities of the LU-Card. Stay informed on the latest developments by visiting the LU-card website.

Basic Teaching Qualification (BKO)

The Faculty of Humanities strongly believes in the importance of excellent teaching being provided by highly professional lecturers. The Faculty therefore wishes to give all lecturers the opportunity to further their professional skills. The first step in this process is the Basic Teaching Qualification (BKO).


For an overview of the Faculty's research staff, click here.

Reader ordering procedure

You can order a reader by submitting a digital copy of your materials in PDF format at the Copy & Printshop.

User guides

The Dutch staff page offers a number of manuals and user guides for employees, many of which are available in English as well. Topics include Blackboard, LUCRIS, creating exams and more.

Last Modified: 06-04-2017