Study advice and guidance

Co-ordinator of Studies

For all questions and problems related to the progress of your studies, contact the Co-ordinator of Studies of your programme or specialisation.

Study plan for the next academic year

All second year and more advanced Leiden students are required to formulate a study plan for their next year of study. The study plan was introduced in order to encourage students to keep up their study tempo after the first year.

Binding Study Advice at Leiden University

As a student of Leiden University you are entitled to good education and academic guidance. In return you are expected to meet certain requirements: the so-called BSA requirement. On this page you can learn about the criteria you are expected to meet in order to receive positive Binding Study Advice (BSA).

Personal & study counsellor

Are you having difficulty settling into the new culture or experiencing stress related to adjusting your study expectations? The international student counsellor, a native English speaker, can help you with specific issues related to being an international student in the Netherlands. A few sessions with the student counsellor can often help. These sessions are free for and being a students at Leiden University these are free of charge.