Semester abroad

Where to go in the first semester of your third year?

Emergency number Leiden University

Emergency number




Leiden University :

+31 71 527 6666

Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia)

Flexible Language Immersion
Leiden University co-operates with ACICIS to organize the study abroad at Gadjah Mada University and pays a yearly fee for the support from ACICIS. Student from Leiden University follow the ACICIS-programme Flexible Language Immersion.

Time Frame
The dates for the start of the semesters at Gadjah Mada University do vary somewhat each year due to the timing of Idul Fitri. For the August/December 2017 semester the dates are:

Application deadline

1 April 2017

Earliest permitted arrival in Indonesia

tentatively 11 August 2017

ACICIS/UGM Orientation

tentatively 14 - 17 August 2017

Start of UGM term

tentatively 22 August 2017

Semester application forms are available on the ACICIS website.

ACICIS processes the visa applications for students in Indonesia. Leiden University students normally get the VITAS visa stamped in their passports at the Indonesian Embassy in Holland. Also see more about the visa.

On the ACICIS webiste a list of the costs can be found. All costs (except costs of living, insurances and a small fee to be paid at the Indonesian Embassy when collecting the visum) are paid for by Leiden University.

Also check out the powerpoint presentation of David Henley about Semester Abroad!


Leiden University in collaboration with University of Hyderabad (UoH) brings to you, Student Semester Programme in India. UoH’s ‘Study in India Programme’ offers interesting courses on Indian society, comparative literature, diaspora studies, politics, culture, languages (Hindi, Urdu & Telugu), dance and music for participating students.

Check out the Student Semester Programme in India.

Other possibilities

Other possibilities to study abroad are at a European University, supported by a Erasmus scholarship. The Faculty of Humanities has agreements in the field of South- and Southeast Asian Studies with some European Universities. A list of these universities can be found through the website "Studeren in het Buitenland".

You can also look for possiblities further away. Leiden University has exchange agreements with several non-European Universities. These universities are listed elsewhere.

Financing your stay abroad (1)

If studying abroad is a mandatory part of your BA-programme you are eligible to get a Sustainable Humanities Scholarship.

The scholarship for student going  to Indonesia within the ACICIS programme is set at €1.200,-. For those joining the Hyderabad programme the scholarship is €1.000,-. You will receive the scholarship forms in June 2015. You receive the scholarship itself in July 2015.

All study related costs will be covered by Leiden University. You will not receive any invoice related to tuition fee, administration fee etc.

You have to arrange yourself:

-     Insurance

-     Entry visa (costs around € 110 for Indonesia)

Financing your stay abroad (2)

You may also want to check out other options for scholarships.

More information on the continuation of your "studiefinanciering" and a refund for your OV-kaart.

You may also want to sublet your Leiden accomodation.

Health and safety abroad!

You must take precautions for your health and safety before and during your stay abroad.

Important: emergency number of Leiden University: +31 71 527 6666.

The University has set up a protocol with advices regarding health and safety. Make sure you read this in time!!!