Computer facilities

Services related to the University Leiden Community Network (ULCN) and the computers in the Faculty of Humanities.

Under the heading ULCN (University Leiden Community Network), the university community is provided with a collection of IT-related services which not only facilitate teaching and following courses, but also improve internal communication between the different members of the university community.
Students with a ‘one account for everything’ can access the following facilities:

  • Computers in the study halls of the various faculties, the University Library (UB) and Plexus;
  • The Blackboard digital learning environment;
  • Registration and cancelling registrations for exams and tutorials (uSis);
  • Retrieving exam results (uSis);
  • Editing student contact information (uSis);
  • A web-mail box (Umail), including the mail-forwarding function;
  • The University Library;
  • Wireless Internet (LUWA);
  • Online ordering of campus-licensed software (Surfspot).

Further information and instructions can be found on the ULCN website.

Student computers

Students enrolled in the Faculty of Humanities can use the computers in rooms 123, 126a en 126b (and 127 in special cases) of the Lipsius building. You can log on to the PC using your ULCN account. The rooms are open Mon to Fri: 08.00 - 22.00 hrs and Sat – Sun:  10.00 - 22.00 hrs.