Services and facilities

Blackboard and Ellips

Blackboard is the online learning environment for the University of Leiden, Ellips is a program to train your language skills.

Computer facilities

Services related to the University Leiden Community Network (ULCN) and the computers in the Faculty of Humanities.

Student counsellors

Every department (or degree programme) has a Student Counsellor (studie adviseur). The Student Counsellor knows all the ins and outs of the programme and can help with possible problems.

Study associations

A study association is not the same as a student association or club. Study associations are for students from a particular degree programme and focus on the academic aspects of student life.

Careers Service

The Careers Service provides students and alumni of Humanities with professional advice and guidance in finding (international) work placements and jobs, courses in career planning and job applications, and booklets on job-hunting, job applications and CVs. The Careers Service commands its very own multi-media resource centre, where you can look up various career sites or consult online recruitment agencies and vacancy websites.

Language Courses

The Academic Language Centre offers a wide range of courses. You can can take Dutch or English as a second language in various levels.