Alumni Event South and Southeast Asian Studies

The first South and Southeast Asian Studies Alumni event that took place on 7 May was a great success! The event was organized by the 2016 Alumni Committee in cooperation with the KITLV, the research institute for the study of Southeast Asia and the Caribbean.


The event started at 2:30 pm and very soon the beautiful garden of the Huizinga building was filled, with South and Southeast Asian alumni, students, staff members and other enthusiasts. We were very lucky because the weather was beautiful. With 25 degrees Celsius and sunshine this was definitely the best case scenario!

'Doing Business with/in India'

While cold drinks were served and everyone enjoyed themselves the first guest speaker, Dr. Annette van der Hoek started. Annette gave a very interesting lecture titled ‘Doing Business with/in India’. She gave some insights into the Indian economy and to why understanding Indian culture is of significance. The lecture was received with much enthusiasm among all attendees since she gave many interesting and practical examples why understanding of Indian culture is so important.

International careers

The second guest speaker, mister Hans Sprokkreeff, who was born in Indonesia, used to work for the European Commission and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. He gave a lecture on international careers and how to start your career in major international organizations like the UN or NGO’s. This lecture was very interesting for all our South and Southeast Asian Studies students and right after the lecture, mister Sprokkreeff was bombarded with questions!

Networking with organizations

Also, many relevant organizations were invited to the Alumni Event. Organizations like the Indonesia Netherlands Society and KERN institute were present, to create opportunities for the students and alumni, to network and talk about possibilities of internships or projects in South or Southeast Asia.

A good mix

This mix of students, alumni and companies worked very well and made the event very successful! Preparations are already set in motion for a second edition of the SSEAS Alumni Event in 2017. If you want to know more about the 2017 Alumni event (or other SSEAS related events) please ‘like’ the study association SIITAA on facebook

- By Lichelle Fisser, second year SSEAS student

Top photo: The 2016 SSEAS Alumni Committee; Lichelle, Zoe, Stella, Matteo and Erik