Student for a day

Several times a year, the South and Southeast Asia department organises a Student for a Day event. If you decide to join one of these events, you can attend a lecture, you will be given a tour of the Faculty building and you can ask students any questions you may have. It’s an ideal opportunity to get to know the South and Southeast Asian Studies department.

Who can take part?

To take part in a Student for a Day event at South and Southeast Asian Studies, you have to be at least in the fifth year of VWO (pre-university class). You also have to have expressed an interest in the programme, by visiting one of the Bachelor Information days. You also need to make sure you have carefully studied the programme brochure and the website. Student for a Day events are only organised during lecture periods.

Check out the Student for a Day website for dates, programmes, and registration.


For further questions or information about the Student for a Day Experience you can contact Jelle Kuiper (e-mail:, student ambassador of South and Southeast Asian Studies.