Graduation ceremony

Students who have graduated per August 31, 2016 in the BA program South and Southeast Studies will receive their diplomas on Thursday September 29, 2016. This will be a combined ceremony for this BA and the BA Koreastudies. In September graduates will receive an invitation for the graduation ceremony and more specific information.

Please take note of the dates and deadlines in the outline for handing in the graduation form, the request for deregistration as student and for the final date for deregistration. The graduation form has to be submitted no later than the last working day of the month before the month of graduation. For students graduating per August 31, the graduation form has te be submitted no later than June 24. Deregistration has to be effected per the first  day of the month after the month of graduation. The month of graduation is determined  is the month in which the last examination result – ususally the BA thesis – is registered in  uSis.

Depending on the number of graduates per January 31, 2017 a graduation ceremony may be scheduled on March 24, 2017.