Services and Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions uSis

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about uSis. General tips for student enrolment problems: Always check the message that appears under the information icon on the left in the table showing selected study activities. An overview of study activities for which you are enroled can be found under 'My Class Schedule'.

Blackboard and Ellips

Blackboard is the online learning environment for the University of Leiden, Ellips is a program to train your language skills.

Computer facilities

Services related to the University Leiden Community Network (ULCN) and the computers in the Faculty of Humanities.

Language Courses

The Academic Language Centre offers a wide range of courses. You can can take Dutch or English as a second language in various levels.

Van Haersolte Fund

The Van Haersolte Fund provides subsidies to projects conducted by staff members and students of the Leiden University Institute for Philosophy.