PhD Council

PhD Council: Tasks and Objectives

The PhD Council is the body elected from the Institute for Philosophy's PhD student community in order to represent the general interests of all of the institute's PhD candidates. The Council keeps itself informed of the PhD candidates' concerns and any relevant matters within the institute, Leiden University and the academic world in general. The PhD Council advises the institute's Academic Director, on its own initiative as well as at the institute's request, on all matters relating to the teaching and supervision of its PhD candidates.

The Council's second objective is to increase and maintain the social cohesion and collaboration within the institute's PhD student community. To this end, the Council organises activities that promote the exchange of knowledge, skills, experiences and ideas among the PhD candidates and between the PhD candidates and the Institute for Philosophy.


Nathanja van den Heuvel

Nathanja van den Heuvel

The Council consists of five members and has a term of office of two years. The elected members of the PhD Council are appointed by the Academic Director of the Institute for Philosophy and then choose a chair and secretary from their midst.

The current Council (installed in March 2015) consists of the following PhD candidates:

Nathanja van de Heuvel (chair)
Carlos Roos Munoz (secretary)
Karin Kustassoo
Stephanie Meirmans
James Pearson

Meetings and Research Seminars

The members of the Council meet at least twice a year - or more frequently in case of urgencies.

In addition, the PhD Council organises a number of research seminars every year, which all the institute's PhD candidates are0 invited to attend. In 2015, Research Seminars have been scheduled on the following dates:

  • April 13

  • May 11

  • June 8

  • July 6

  • September 14

  • October 12

  • November 9

  • December 14

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