Financial and Economic Affairs



Monique van der Arend - Head of the department
Working days: Monday to Thursday
Lipsius, office 242a
tel.: 2406
e-mail: m.van.der.arend

Stijn Peeters - Account Manager
Working days: Monday to Thursday
Lipsius, office 243 
tel.: 2093
e-mail: s.peeters

Alex van der Meer - Account manager
Working days: Tuesday to Friday
Lipsius, office 243a
tel.: 2409
e-mail: a.j.van.der.meer

Andien Vaes - Project Controller
working days:  Monday, Thursday, Friday
Lipsius, office 243b
tel.: 1647
e-mail: a.s.vaes

Petra Kamer - Project Controller
working days:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lipsius, office 243b
tel.: 1621
e-mail: p.m.kamer

Financial administration

Tel : 2335
e-mail :


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Last Modified: 14-07-2014