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Very soon we will have a new website for staff. You will then have access to all relevant information from the university, the faculty and the institute within a single environment.

What’s going to change:

  • Shortly you will find information from the university, the faculty and the institute together in one place. This information covers P&O, Finance and Purchasing, IT, Teaching, etc. Notifications, news and agenda will be made up of university information, supplemented by information from the faculty and the institute
  • The information you see will be shown on the basis of your registration in the staff administration system (SAP). When you log in at a university workplace, the staff website will be coupled automatically to your profile, which means that you will see all the relevant information in the context of your faculty and institute. If you have more than one appointment, you can switch between faculties or institutes using the selection tool.
  • Information about other parts of the organisation can be found via a separate part of the website, the ‘organisation guide’. This includes such information as who works for particular departments, and the overviews of lecturers per department.
  • The new site is mobile friendly (adaptable to tablet or mobile) and has a new, contemporary layout.
Information about how the website works will be available on the new website itself and in the newsletter on the day that the new website becomes operational.

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New website project
The corporate website, the first phase of the new website project, was launched in December 2015. The student website, the second phase of the project, went live in November 2016. There is a separate website for prospective students. This website will be emigrated in the course of 2017.

Spring cleaning in the Humanities buildings

From 27 February to 28 April 2017, our university buildings will be given an additional spring clean. The idea is to give your room a thorough clean, as one means of increasing employee satisfaction. You are kindly requested to clear your desk of belongings/work items in advance.

Leiden academics on globalisation: from the ancient Egyptians to Donald Trump

Most people will consider globalisation as a 20th and 21st century phenomenon. Today’s world is one of unprecedented connectivity, trade and mobility. But with the benefits of this globalised world, such as freedom of movement, also come –real and perceived- dangers. What few people realise, however, is that many of the results of globalisation and indeed the phenomenon itself are no recent developments but instead hark back to much earlier times.

Mark Rutgers introduces himself

What you see is what you get, is how people who know him describe Mark Rutgers who became Dean of our Faculty on 1 March. For some of us he is a familiar face, and for those who don’t yet know him, he hopes to get to meet them soon. His first three months will be taken up with a lot of reading and even more talking, given that the faculty is all about the people who work here.

Improved services for international staff

The opening of the Service Centre for International Staff on 19 January signals a higher level of support for international staff. The Service Centre in the main administration building at Rapenburg 70 will be open every morning, ready to answer any questions.

Blackboard ready for the second semester

All of your Blackboard courses for the second semester have been created and are available to students. In case your course is missing or when you have any other questions, please contact the Blackboard helpdesk.

13–24 February survey of workspace use

The Real Estate Directorate wants to find out more about how we use our workspaces and meeting rooms. It has therefore commissioned Measuremen to conduct a workplace occupancy survey. Between 13 and 24 February Measuremen will visit all our workspaces four times each day to measure this.

10 February: wear something warm!

The University is taking part in the National Warm Sweater Day on 10 February and the heating will be turned down in many buildings. Make sure you wear something warm!

NWO grant awarded for research on shipwreck

Dr Helmer Helmers (University of Amsterdam) and Dr Nadine Akkerman (Leiden, LUCAS) have been awarded an NWO grant to do historical research on the shipwreck BZN17, from which hundreds of early modern objects have recently been retrieved. Amongst the remarkable finds were a nearly intact, highly expensive dress and various other rare pieces of clothing which received international media attention in 2015.

New website for students

Today Leiden University launched the new student website . In the past few months the student website has been extensively overhauled to give it a more up-to-date ‘look and feel’ with shorter, more concise information.

Elsevier: Five Leiden humanities degree programmes rated best

The Humanities Faculty bachelor’s degree programmes in History, and Greek and Latin language and culture were rated by students as the best. The master’s programmes in Classics and Ancient Civilisations, Dutch Studies and North American Studies also received the highest scores. These were the results of a survey conducted by the weekly news magazine Elsevier.

Call for Proposals Research Traineeship

The Faculty is looking for supervisors who have a research topic in mind that preferable benefits from an interdisciplinary approach. For each awarded project, the faculty funds two student research assistants for a period of twelve months for 0,15 fte. The intended outcome of the projects should be papers and/or research proposals.

Introductory meeting on 26 September 2016 for new staff

Leiden University is pleased to welcome its new staff to an introductory meeting on 26 September 2016. In the morning you will hear about the University’s history, its strategic aims and the dilemmas that it currently faces.  Lunch will be followed by a walking tour of the most beautiful University buildings (in the centre of Leiden). At the end of the day, you will not only know more about the University and the city of Leiden, but will have also got to know some of your new colleagues.