Programme Arabic Studies

The history of Islam, contemporary developments in the Arab world, Arabic literature, and rich manuscript traditions are topics of study in Arabic Studies.

Programme Islamic Studies

This specialisationĀ investigates the rich context of Islamic law and anthropology of the Muslim world from the perspective of the social sciences combined with philology.

Programme Modern Middle East Studies

Modern Middle East Studies focuses solely on modern times. The programme investigatesĀ the rich cultures, literatures and religions of this strategically important region while examining the Islamic Revolution (1979) in Iran, revolts and revolutions in Arab countries, and political developments in Turkey, Central Asia and Afghanistan.

Programme Persian Studies

Persian Studies will focus on courses combining philology with modern history, literature with linguistics, religion with rituals, and visual arts with the rich Persian iconography and visual arts. The scope of the programme extends beyond present-day Iran.

Programme Turkish Studies

The specialisation Turkish Studies focuses on Turkey in the widest sense, ranging from history to linguistics, from literature to art and material culture.