Media Studies

The Leiden master's programme in Media Studies offers four specialisations, each of which will take one year.

Media Studies brings together the following specialisations:

Within Media Studies, the word 'medium' denotes the relation between technical 'information carriers' and the conventions that hold with respect to the use of such carriers in specific genres or a specific practice. Attention to debates regarding contemporary media, such as television and digital media, and the use of these media, alongside an orientation towards 'older' media and art forms, such as film, photography and the book, define the rather "classical" nature of the Media Studies programme in Leiden. This is apparent in the focus on such issues as narrativity and medium specificity (in Literature, Film and Photography) rhetoric and argumentation theory (predominantly in Journalism) and the production, distribution and consumption of the book in the past and present (in Book and Digital Media Studies).

Last Modified: 16-04-2015