Programme Information Research MA-History/ Europaeum Vaclav Havel MA Programme


The Europaeum Vaclav Havel Masters Programme (EMAP) was initiated by the Europaeum, an association consisting of ten leading European universities ( The partner universities have combined resources to provide selected students with a unique learning experience. This Research Masters Programme in European Society and Politics brings together the strengths and specialisms of all the partner institutions, to enable students to benefit from new lecturers, fresh modes and different perspectives, different specialisms and different European city locations, libraries, colleagues and other resources.


The EMAP will function as a two-year MA Programme in European Society and Politics, delivered over four semesters, specifically linking the fields of European Contemporary History, Politics, Socio-Legal and Socio-Geographic studies, and European International Relations. All successful EMAP students will have the chance to study at two - or more - Europaeum partner universities and will receive a final degree validated from their Home University, plus a Europaeum MA Certificate.

Leiden EMAP students will follow the regular programme of the Leiden Research Master in History in their first year. The third semester will be spent in one of the partner universities. At present those are Université Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne) and Charles University (Prague). During this semester they will attend courses in the host university identified in conjunction with the Study advisor of the Research Master History and start research for their final thesis with the aid of a local supervisor. The fourth semester will be used to write the dissertation. This can be done at Leiden University, at the University where the third semester was spent, or, exceptionally, at another Partner University including the University of Oxford for a select group of students. The thesis will be supervised by an academic from Leiden University or by a ‘team’, one from Leiden University and one from the relevant other university.

All Europaeum Students will also attend a workshop in one of the participating universities at the start and end of their third semester where they can get to know their fellow students in the programme and those finishing up can present their work. The best Europaeum students also attend a three-day Europaeum Spring School at Oxford on Europe in a Global World, which includes a mix of debates and discussions, with graduates presenting their work. 

The entire new programme, involving lectures, graduate workshops and the MA, is named the VACLAV HAVEL PROGRAMME, after the former dissident and President of Czechoslovakia.


All Research Master Students are in principle eligible for the programme. However as a maximum of six students can participate from each university, drawn from across the relevant disciplines, a selection process may be applied. The principal requirement for History students is a certain specialization in European History. If you are interested in becoming a Vaclav Havel scholar you can indicate your interest during the first semester of your studies as a research master student. There is therefore no need to apply separately for this programme in advance of your studies at Leiden University.

Those selected for the programme are ensured an Erasmus scholarship to their designated university and accommodation will be provided at local rates.

Last Modified: 26-11-2014