Dr. P.A. Tiele Foundation thesis prize 2016

The Dr. P.A. Tiele Foundation awards the thesis prize to the best graduate thesis in the field of book history. It is the objective of the Dr. P.A. Tiele Foundation to promote the study of the book in the Netherlands. This is done by installing professorships, enabling and publishing research and organizing symposia, congresses and lectures, and since 2007, by awarding remarkable theses.

Tiele Thesis Prize 2016

The Tiele Foundation annually honours the best thesis related to the history of the book in all its appearances. Participation is open to every student of a university or HBO institution in the Netherlands and Flanders. The thesis must be completed and accepted by the educational institution in the academic year 1 September 2015 – 1 September 2016. Previously published papers are excluded.


This year the jury consists of Erik Geleijns M.A., collection specialist Special Collections in the National Library of the Netherlands and curator Old Collections at Museum Meermanno (chairman); Saskia van Bergen, PhD, medievalist and project leader University Libraries Leiden and Fleur Praal M.A., doctoral student Book & Digital Media Studies, Leiden University.

Prize and publication

The best entry is granted a prize of €1000,-, sponsored by The Dutch Language Union. Furthermore, the Tiele Foundation will strive to (help) publish the thesis in a fitting journal, on the internet or as an individual publication. In this, Tiele is supported by the Frederik Muller Foundation, which makes a subsidy of €1.000,- available for the costs made for publication. The deadline for participation is October 1st, 2016.

Information and entry

For further information please contact Roosmarijn de Groot, coordinator of the Dr. P.A. Tiele Foundation, e-mail: info@tiele-stichting.nl website: www.tiele-stichting.nl

The thesis must be sent by e-mail as a PDF or Word document to info@tiele-stichting.nl

The Dr. P.A. Tiele Foundation was founded in 1953 and bears the name of the renowned bibliographer and librarian dr. P.A. Tiele (1834 – 1889). Since 2003, it functions as a partnership for book history, in which virtually all academic and commercial organisations and institutions in this field are represented.


Last Modified: 17-08-2016