Graduation procedure

Graduation procedure

Six weeks before the planned date of graduation a student has to apply for the Final examination:

1.      The student needs to check courses and grades in uSis. Application for the Final examination is only possible when:

  • the student has completed all of his/her courses;

  • all possible requests (extracurricular courses, external courses, exemptions and prolonged validity of obtained results) are approved by the Board of examiners (More information on this procedure can be found below);


2.      The student needs to submit his/her Thesis and discuss possibilities for the examination date and time with the members of the examination committee. (Supervisor and the Second reader of the Thesis);

3.      The student makes an appointment with the Coordinator of Studies, Esther Buizer-Janssen (MA and Research MA), to hand in the following documents in person:


The Coordinator of Studies checks the documents and the student receives a Permission statement for the Final examination;

4.      The student hands in the Permission statement and the documents at the secretary’s office in the Huizinga Building. Together they make arrangements for the examination date and time (as discussed with the examination committee).
Contact persons at the secretary's office for the Master graduation procedure are Mrs. Y.H.M. (Yvonne) Motta-Scheerder;

5.      The student informs the examination committee about date and time;

6.      The student needs to upload a digital copy of the final and graded version of his/her Thesis to the Leiden University Repository. This needs to be done no later than one week before the examination date.

Please note that the repository accepts only one upload per student. Consequent revised versions will therefore not be accepted:

MA History collection | Research MA History collection 
More information and manual in Dutch | More information and manual in English

7.      Last but not least, the student is responsible for terminating his/her enrolment as a student of the MA History. This can be done via Studielink.

Notification of extracurricular courses, external courses, exemptions

On the Graduation Form master Exam all courses and grades are listed. For all extracurricular courses, external courses, possible exemptions or adjustments of a curriculum, students need to submit a request to the Board of Examiners of their study programme. Note that it is very important that you follow the correct procedure

Deadlines application Final examination

For students of the Master and Research Master it is possible to graduate every month. Six weeks before the planned date of graduation a student has to apply for the Final examination.

Towards the end of a semester there are different deadlines to take into account:

Graduation before 1 September: 1 June
Graduation before 1 February: 1 November

Note: in this case the application for the Final examination will be submitted before the final draft of the Thesis.

Graduation date

During the teaching period final exams can take place on Monday till Friday between 9.00 till 17.00.

Students who wish to graduate within the academic year, but after June, can only do so in the last two weeks of August. 

Final examination

The final examination takes place in the Academy Building. The exam takes about 45 minutes, in which students have to defend their MA thesis and be able to discuss additional scholarly literature.

The final examination is a public ceremony, meaning that friends and family (maximum of 10 people) are welcome to attend.

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