Post doctoral career

As a PhD student, you should start thinking about job prospects, both in and outside of Academia, well before defending your dissertation.

Job prospects

As a PhD student, you should start thinking about job prospects well before defending your dissertation. The topic of future jobs always comes up in the annual evaluation meeting (especially in the final years), and the LUCL Office is always willing to help and look for possibilities. This web page is intended as a starting-point with general advice.

Post-doctoral researchers

After the successful defence of their thesis, many former PhD students have moved on to temporary positions post-doctoral projects. The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has a number of grant types for which PhDs and others can apply, see the funding process explained.

The following options are particularly relevant:

  • Rubicon and VENI (single-project programmes);
  • VIDI projects (a project proposal from a senior researcher which typically involves one post-doctoral project and one or two PhD positions);
  • VICI projects (typically involving one post-doctoral project and four PhD positions). 

Other options

Other recent PhD graduates are employed in regular lecturerships in linguistics (or language studies) in universities around the world. Other occupations include logopedics, translation services, forensic science and library work.

PhD courses

There are a number of courses for PhD students which help to prepare you for a career, both within and outside of Academia. These include career counselling and orientational courses on policy making, management and scientific journalism, but also hand-on courses on on the writing of grant proposals and research management.

The dedicated website Courses for PhD has more information. You may also want to drop by the Career Service of the Faculty of Humanities.

External links

The best source of information for jobs in linguistics worldwide is the LINGUIST List (see their job page). UCLA offers some good advice on job searching(especially for the US situation).

Academic jobs in the Netherlands are often advertised on the website of Intermediair (in Dutch). AcademicTransfer is the Dutch Academic Career Network of all Dutch universities, university medical centres and research institutes. 

Other job sites are Nationale Vacaturebank, Monsterboard and Vacaturebank. An American-based academic job site is Academic Careers.

Last Modified: 14-06-2013