PhD information booklet

When you're new to being a PhD student, new to Leiden University, or new to The Netherlands, you're probably full of questions on practical issues.

Information booklet

For those of you who have just started as a PhD student, if you are new to Leiden University or The Netherlands in general, the university has a special website: Your PhD at Leiden University.

We have also compiled a specific LUCL information booklet. The booklet briefly tells you about LUCL, its structure and affiliations, but also about day-to-day practical issues (such as where to find the bicycle shed, how to get a key to your office, and how the photocopiers work) and slightly less day-to-day issues (visas, financial matters, grants), and points you to other information sources both within and outside of LUCL.

Questions? Ask!

If you have any questions after reading the booklet, don't hestitate to contact the LUCL Office. Its staff can provide assistance or tell you who to turn to with your specific issue. They can also put you into touch with other PhD students, both from The Netherlands and abroad, who may be able to help you.

Last Modified: 09-11-2015