Dr. M. (Michaël) Peyrot

  • Researcher
  • Tocharian

Telephone number: +31 (0)71 527 4177
E-Mail: m.peyrot@hum.leidenuniv.nl
Faculty / Department: Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen, Leiden Univ Centre for Linguistics, LUCL VIET
Office Address: Witte Singel-complex
P.N. van Eyckhof 2
2311 BV Leiden
Room number 2.04a

Fields of interest

My main research field is Tocharian linguistics. The two Tocharian languages A and B are known to us through Buddhist manuscripts from ca. 400-1200 CE that were found along the Northern Silk Road in Xinjiang, China. Tocharian A and B are closely related, and they belong to the Indo-European language family. Relevant neighbouring research areas include: comparative Indo-European linguistics, historical linguistics in general, Central Asian studies (in particular Xinjiang, China; also “Turfanforschung” or “Dunhuang Studies”), and Central Asian Buddhism.

Curriculum Vitae

2011 −

2009 −
post-doc researcher at the University of Vienna for A Comprehensive Edition of Tocharian Manuscripts, supervised by Dr. Melanie Malzahn
editor of Tocharian and Indo-European Studies
2005 − contributor to Alexander Lubotsky’s Indo-European Etymological Dictionary project at Leiden University
2004 − 2010 PhD student at Leiden University with the project The Tocharian subjunctive, supervised by Alexander Lubotsky (cum laude)
2004 − 2007 contributor to the British Library International Dunhuang Project and the TITUS Tocharica Project at Frankfurt University
2001 − 2002 editorial assistant of Cognitive Linguistics
1999 − 2004 MA Comparative Indo-European linguistics, Leiden University
1999 − 2003 MA Dutch language and literature, Leiden University

Teaching activities

  • introduction to Tocharian
  • introduction to the principles of historical linguistics
  • Dutch for foreigners
  • how to write a BA thesis

Forthcoming publications

  • ‘Die tocharische Daśakarmapathāvadānamālā’, Die Erforschung des Tocharischen und die alttürkische Maitrisimit
  • ‘Tocharian ‘eat’ and the strong imperfect in Tocharian A’, Olav Hackstein and Ronald I. Kim (eds.), Archaismus und Innovation im Tocharischen. (Münchner Forschungen zur historischen Sprachwissenschaft) Bremen: Hempen.
  • ‘Tocharian A māskā- ‘be difficult’, Tocharian and Indo-European Studies 12.
  • Review of Dictionary and Thesaurus of Tocharian A, Volume 1: A-J by Gerd Carling, Kratylos 56.

Reviews of Variation and change in Tocharian B

  • Dickens, Mark (2009), Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Third Series 19, 252-254.
  • Kim, Ronald I. (2009), Language 85, 736-740.
  • Malzahn, Melanie (2010), Orientalistische Literaturzeitung 105 (2), 249-252.
  • Pinault, Georges-Jean (2010), Journal Asiatique 298, 260-272.

Last Modified: 09-01-2017