Workshops and conferences organized by the project

HiSoN Summer School in Historical Sociolinguistics - Lesbos - July 2017

The project will co-organize the HiSoN summer school in historical sociolinguistics at Lesbos, 16-23 July 2017.

The following courses will be taught:

Peter Trudgill (Norwich) 
The historical sociolinguistics of Greek

Pieter Muysken (Nijmegen) 
Amerindian studies meet creole studies: Reconstructing the sociolinguistic history of Ecuadorian Quichua 

Eli Bjørhusdal (Sogndal)
Norwegian language policy, past and present

Merja Stenroos (Stavanger) 
Administrative writing and the sociolinguistics of late medieval England

Miriam Meyerhoff (Wellington) 
The emergence of coherence: Comparative sociolinguistics and new speech communities 

Jeroen Darquennes (Namur)
Language conflict management in European language minority settings

Alexander Bergs (Osnabrück) 
Social networks and communities of practice in historical linguistics

More information on the website of the summer school

ICLAVE Workshop 6-9 June 2017 - Malaga

Co-organized with Rik Vosters (Brussels) at the ninth International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLAVE 9):

Panel "Revisiting Haugen. Alternative histories of standardization"

Gijsbert Rutten (Leiden), Jill Puttaert (Brussels) & Rik Vosters (Brussels) - Haugen 2.0: Towards new models of standardization
Anja Voeste (Giessen) - The good must be put in the dish: how to select spelling variants
Raymond Hickey (Duisburg-Essen) - Re-examining codification
Bob Schoemaker (Leiden) - Homogeneity through teaching: the implementation of standard Dutch in education, 1750-1850
Stephan Elspaß (Salzburg) - Alternative sources of data for standardization histories in a view "from below"
José del Valle (New York) - The national public sphere and Haugen's theory of linguistic standardization
Wendy Ayres-Bennett (Cambridge) - Revisiting Haugen's model of standardization: codification and prescription
John E. Joseph: Discussion

HiSoN Summer School in Historical Sociolinguistics - Leiden - August 2016

In the summer of 2016, the project co-organized and hosted the 10th HiSoN summer school in historical sociolinguistics which took place at Leiden University from 1-8 August 2015.

Courses were be taught by:
Manuela Böhm (Kassel)
José del Valle (New York)
Frans Gregersen (Copenhagen)
Helen Kelly-Holmes (Limerick)
Paul Kerswill (York)
Terttu Nevalainen (Helsinki)
Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade (Leiden)

Workshop 21-22 January 2016 - Leiden University

In January 2016, the project organized a workshop on the effects of prescriptivism in language history.

Language norms and prescriptivism play an important role in many histories of European languages. Standardization is often the central topic in chapters about the post-medieval period. But what were the effects of norms and prescriptions on variation and change in actual language use? With the advent of historical sociolinguistics and the compilation of large corpora of usage data we can reassess the importance of norms and prescriptions, and gain a deeper understanding of their relation to usage patterns.

This workshop focuses on the possible effects of norms and prescriptions in language history. A main theme will be the methodological issue of how to investigate the influence of norms and prescriptions. Recent research shows that the following questions are highly topical:
- How can we measure possible effects of prescriptivism?
- Are there convincing examples of usage patterns following prescriptions? Or was metalinguistic discourse primarily self-centered? And did usage evolve independently?
- What was the social reach of language norms? Who were supposed to follow them? How were the norms transmitted to language users?
- Were prescriptions more successful when they were backed up by a strong ideology of correctness? Did the rise of standard language ideology advance the effects of prescriptivism?

These and related questions will be discussed during the workshop.

Invited speakers:
Lieselotte Anderwald (Kiel)
Stephan Elspass (Salzburg)
Shana Poplack (Ottowa)
Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade (Leiden)
Rik Vosters (Brussels)

This workshop is organized in cooperation with Marijke van der Wal, who holds the chair in the History of Dutch.

For more information, see the website.

SLE Workshop 4-5 September 2015 - Leiden University

The project organized, with Joe Salmons (Madison, WI), Rik Vosters and Wim Vandenbussche (Brussels), a workshop at the SLE conference at Leiden University. The theme of the workshop was Managing Multilingualism - Contact, attitudes and planning in historical contexts.

Speakers included Kurt Braunmüller, Peter Schrijver, Katherine McDonald, Rita Franceschini, Chiara Meluzzi, Manuel Padilla-Moyano, Lelija Socanac, Evelyn Ziegler, Olivier Moliner, Rik Vosters, Gijsbert Rutten, Bob Schoemaker, Taru Nordlund, Karoline Kühl, Doris Stolberg, Samantha Litty, Chiara Ghezzi and Joe Salmons.

For more information, see the SLE website.

HiSoN Summer School in Historical Sociolinguistics - Lesbos - August 2015

The project co-organized the 9th HiSoN summer school in historical sociolinguistics which took place at the island of Lesbos from 1-8 August 2015.

Courses were be taught by:
Peter Trudgill (Agder)
Andreas Jucker (Zürich)
Jan-Terje Faarlund (Oslo) 
Laura Wright (Cambridge)
Nils Langer (Bristol)
Rita Marquilhas (Lisbon)
Julia de Bres (Luxembourg)

See the summer school website for more information.

Workshop Friday 19 September 2014 - Leiden University

This was the official "kick-off" workshop of the project. The theme was Language and Ideology in Late Modern Times. Speakers included:

Richard Watts (Bern) - Language, history, myth

Raymond Hickey (Duisburg-Essen) - Exploring the dynamics of standard language

Martin Durrell (Manchester) - Language and ideological constructs of nationhood: The case of Germany

Evelyn Ziegler (Duisburg-Essen) - Language standardization, language policy and multilingualism: The case of German in Luxembourg (1795-1920) 

Rik Vosters & Jill Puttaert (Brussels) - The construction of Southern Dutch in the early 19th century: Language planning, language norms and language use

Gijsbert Rutten, Andreas Krogull & Bob Schoemaker (Leiden) - Going Dutch: The construction of Dutch in policy, practice and discourse (1750-1850)


Workshop 6 February 2014 - University of Sheffield

This workshop was part of the HiSoN conference on Historical Discourses on Language and Power. The theme of the panel, organized with Kristine Horner (Sheffield), was Language Ideologies and Standardization. Speakers included:

Rik Vosters (Brussels) - The ideological construction of Southern Dutch: Discourses of difference and decay

Kevin Absilis (Antwerp) & Jürgen Jaspers (Brussels) - The power of purism: Rethinking language ideology in Flanders

Sarah Van Hoof (Oslo) - (De)standardization in Flemish Belsium: Evidence from late 1970s TV fiction

Ivar Berg (Trondheim) - The making of the Scandinavian languages

Kristine Horner & Joanna Kremer (Sheffield) - Shifting ideologies of linguistic authority: Language, nation and citizenship in Luxembourg

Gesine Argent (Bristol) - The instrumentalisation of past Russian language debates in present-day metadiscourse




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