LUCL Office and postal address

The LUCL Office co-ordinates day-to-day business of the institute. It is responsible for handling general enquiries and can assist with all practical matters concerning LUCL.

Office address

Van Wijkplaats 4
NL-2311 BX Leiden

The LUCL Office is located on the second floor of building Van Wijkplaats 4. Within the Faculty of Humanities, Van Wijkplaats 4 is traditionally referred to as building 1166. Find out where the LUCL Office is located in Google Maps. See also the directions and visitor information of the Faculty of Humanities.  

Postal address

All mail to LUCL should be directed to the general address:

Leiden University Centre for Linguistics
Postbus 9515
NL-2300 RA Leiden

Mail to individual persons within LUCL should additionally include the name of the recipient in the address.

The above-mentioned office address can be used for deliveries of parcels only.

Telephone and email

Telephone Office    +31 71 527 2125
Fax    +31 71 527 1650
General email  

Iara van Benthem Fuentes
Telephone: +31 71 527 2125

Anne Rose Haverkamp
Telephone: +31 71 527 2319

Alice Kurpershoek
Telephone: +31 71 527 2319

Brigitt Relli
Telephone: +31 71 527 2125  

Merel van Wijk 
Telephone: +31 71 527 3584

Office hours

The LUCL-office is open all day (9.00-17.00) from Monday until Friday.

The office is closed on Dutch national holidays, as well as on 3 October (Leidens ontzet/Relief of Leiden). Restricted office hours may apply during the summer and Christmas holidays.

Last Modified: 09-12-2015