Personnel and organisation (HR)

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Human resources

• General information about personnel and organisation can be found on the website of the human resources department
• The email address for human resources is
• For matters concerning LUCAS there are two contact persons:

Personnel administration  
K. (Kees) Varkevisser
Phone 071-527 2643, room 2.35A

Personnel officer
Mr. Drs. M.J. (Marion) Sluijs 
Phone 071-527 3420, room 2.20

Illness and incapacity for work

On the first day that you are sick and on the first day that you are well again, you should notify your manager. Preferably before 09:00, or otherwise as soon as possible. This also applies if you become sick during your holiday or when you are on leave. 

Contact your manager via the LUCAS office at or by phone on 071 527 2166. The notification is forwarded to the HR department and the office of the institute where you are teaching.

Guest members

Researchers who would like to be affiliated with LUCAS and are in Leiden only for a limited period of time, can apply for guest membership. Usually this applies to researchers from other universities, foreign PhD candidates who have a scholarship, or LUCAS members who need a bit more time to finish their work after their formal employment has ended.

There are several options:
• The guest member is employed somewhere else, and only needs access to Blackboard or the University Library (ULCN account);
• The guest member only uses the PCs in the lecture halls and needs – in addition to the ULCN account – a limited HUM account;
• The guest member is assigned a workplace with PC at the LUCAS institute. This includes – in addition to the ULCN account – a complete HUM account that gives access to the network. This option is subject to a 100 euro fee per month.

It is only possible to apply for guest membership if you are nominated by a member of the institute. He or she can submit the application to the institute manager.

Last Modified: 03-04-2017