LU-Card stands for Leiden University Card. This card is available for everyone connected to the university. Employees can use their LU-Card as their university ID card, for access to facilities and as a library card. You can request your LU-Card once your ULCN-account has been set up. To do this, please go to the Service Desk or the library where they can take the photo that is needed for your card. The procedure is explained on the information page about the LU-Card.
If you want parking access on your LU-Card you need to fill out the form on this page (in Dutch).

Business cards

A box with 125 business cards for € 55 can be ordered through the site of the University Services Department. The site is in Dutch but there is an English order form available. When asked for a SAP number, employees with a NWO budget are requested to fill out the SAP number associated with this budget. All others can contact the secretariat for a SAP number (phone: 2166). Before the card is printed, you will receive a proof. Only after your approval has been given will the file be sent to the printer.

Key to the lecture halls, starter kit

Employees who need access to the lecture halls will receive a red ‘key card’. In exchange for this card the janitor will hand over the key to the lecture hall. When the card is no longer valid, the secretariat can order a new one. The new card can be collected from the Servicedesk about two days later.
Lecturers can pick up a starter kit (‘docenten-etui’ in Dutch) from the Service Desk containing items such as whiteboard markers and erasers.

Access to workplaces outside office hours

If you need access to your workplace in the evening or in the weekend, the LUCAS office can arrange a key card for you. Apart from your personal details, you will need to give your room number, work number and your home or mobile number. A few days later, the card will be ready for you at the Service Desk in the Lipsius building (phone: 071 5272400).
In return for this card you will receive the key to your building at the Service Desk. The key needs to be returned before 23:00, or 20:00 on a Sunday.

Office supplies

Office supplies can be obtained from the LUCAS office. If something is not available, it can be ordered for you.


For technical matters concerning your work telephone:
Please contact Els Vijfvinkel, phone: 071 5273198, email: e.vijfvinkel@ufb.leidenuniv.nl.
- If you want to reach a number outside the university, first press 0. This also applies to fax numbers.
- For calling a number outside the Netherlands, contact the phone service at phone 99 or 2727.
- The LUCAS office has a fax machine. The number is 071 5272961.

Last Modified: 07-08-2015