Regular and guest candidates

Internal PhD candidates are employed by LUCAS. Guest PhD candidates usually have a scholarship to cover the costs of living.

Regular PhD candidates

  • Bleijenberg, L.M. (Linda), Art history
    The Primitive Hut as a Legitimizing Construct in Architectural Discourse (1750-1850)
    Supervisors: Professor Caroline van Eck and Dr Maarten Delbeke

  • Bodde, O.C. (Odile), Literary studies
    Narrative Reflective Self-understanding: the Corporeal
    Supervisors: Professor Thony Visser

  • Damme, Y.A.A. van (Yves), Dutch Language, Culture and Society
    Dialoog van Meester Eckhart en de leek
    Supervisors: Professor Wim van Anrooij and Geert Warnar

  • Duijn, M.J. van (Max), Dutch Language, Culture and Society
    Understanding Other Minds: a New Perspective from the Study of Literature and Linguistics
    Supervisors: Professor Ineke Sluiter and Professor Arie Verhagen

  • Jansen, M.H.K. (Maarten), Classics
    Early Modern Latin Commentaries on Virgil’s Aeneid
    Supervisor: Professor Ineke Sluiter

  • Jansen, W.L. (Wieneke), Art History
    The reception of Ps.-Longinus’ treatise on the sublime in the Dutch Republic in the seventeenth century
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. C.A. van Eck

  • Janzen, J.P.C. (Jenneka), English Literature and Culture
    Written Culture at Ter Duinen: Cistercian Monks and their Books, 1140-1250
    Supervisors: Professor Rolf Bremmer and Dr Erik Kwakkel

  • Kessel, L. van (Looi), Film and Literary Studies
    The American author James Purdy and his treatment of homosexual identity in patriarchal environments
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. E.J. van Alphen

  • Knegtel, F.J.L.C. (Frederik), Art history
    Rapture, Fear and Admiration. Architecture and the Sublime in Seventeenth-Century Paris
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. C.A. van Eck, co-supervisors: Dr. S.P.M. Bussels and Dr. B. Oostveldt

  • Louwrier, D. (David), Art history
    Making a Field of Interpretation of Bio Solar Cells
    Supervisors: Professor Rob Zwijnenberg and Professor Huub de Groot (Utrecht)

  • Ooms, S. (Steven), Classics
    Dionysius and Cicero: stylistic composition in Rome
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. I. Sluiter, co-supervisor: Dr. C.C. de Jonge

  • Plezier, L.M. (Laura), Art history
    Overwhelming Architecture in Amsterdam in the Seventeenth-Century
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. C.A. van Eck, co-supervisor: Dr S.P.M. Bussels

  • Polak, S.A. (Sara), English Literature and Culture
    The First Modern Media President: Franklin D. Roosevelt's Public Image in American Cultural Memory
    Supervisors: Professor Peter Liebregts and Professor F.W.A. Korsten

  • Porck, M.H. (Thijs), English Literature and Culture
    The Revered, the Rejected and the Ridiculed. The Many Faces of Old Age in Anglo-Saxon England
    Supervisor: Professor Rolf Bremmer

  • Rikken, M.E. (Marrigje), Art history
    Vlaamse diervoorstellingen en de rol van de natuurlijke historie tussen 1550-1670
    Supervisors: Professor Paul Smith and Professor Eric Jan Sluijter

  • Schippers, A.M. (Marianne), Classics
    Greek Criticism and Latin Literature. Classicism and Cultural Interaction in Late Republican and Early Imperial Rome
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. I. Sluiter, co-supervisor: Dr. C.C. de Jonge

  • Verheij, M.J.O. (Michiel), Classics
    The Figure of Orestes in Greek Literature
    Supervisors: Professor Ineke Sluiter and Professor André Lardinois (Nijmegen)

  • Vries, E.M. de (Emma), Dutch Language, Culture and Society
    Postdating the Post: Examining (Neo)Epistolary Practices in Contemporary Culture
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. Y. van Dijk

  • Zanen, S.M.W. van (Sylvia), Book and Digital Media Studies
    Carolus Clusius and sixteenth century botany in the context of the new cultural history of science, networks and exchange
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. P.J. Smith

Guest PhD candidates

  • Carikci, A. (Aleks), Literary studies
    Rethinking the Politics of Public Memory and Armenians in Modern Turkey
    Supervisor: Professor Ernst van Alphen

  • Chen, C. (Cui), Film and Literary Studies
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. F.W.A. Korsten

  • Gräfin von Courten, C.J.V. (Caroline), Art history
    Science4Arts: Photographs and Preservation. How to save photographic works of art for the future?
    Supervisor: Professor Kitty Zijlmans and Dr Helen Westgeest

  • Groos, A.M. (Marije), Nederlandse taal en cultuur
    Socio-political engagement in Dutch literary periodicals of the fifties
    Supervisors: Prof.dr. Y. van Dijk and prof.dr. A.G.H. Anbeek

  • Hylkema, J. (Jacqueline), Art history
    The Rhetoric of Illusion. Persuasion and Response in Forgery, the Arts and Other Deceptions (1600-1750)
    Supervisor: Professor Caroline van Eck

  • Ismail, N. (Norlela), Film and Literary studies
    Film Narratology in Malaysian Cinema
    Supervisors: Professor Ernst van Alphen and Dr Peter Verstraten

  • Klimova, M. (Maria), French Literature and Culture
    André Chénier’s indebtedness to Hellenistic poetry
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. P.J. Smith

  • Kondo, T. (Takako), Film and Literary Studies
    Art beyond Japan: Contemporary art in the politics of translation
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. E.J. van Alphen

  • Laporte, K. (Karine), Classics
    Virtue and Emperorship in Herodian's 'History of the Roman Emperors'
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. A.B. Wessels

  • Lee, C. (Tracy), Film and Literary studies
    Ghosts Here and There: Spectral Resistance and Dialogue in Postcolonial Literature
    Supervisor: Professor Ernst van Alphen

  • Necsa, C. (Catalin)
    Biblical Exegesis in Epiphanius of Salamis
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. J.K. Zangenberg

  • Nederveen, T. (Tine), Film and Literary studies
    Jacob Israel de Haan and his "Parresiastic Significa": a better language, a better understanding? A discourse theoretical analysis of the oeuvre of J.I. De Haan (1881-1924), from the perspective of his scientific work (his dissertation) Rechtskundige Significa (Legal Semiotics) (1916) in relation to his homosexual novel Pathologieën (Pathologies) (1908)
    Supervisor: Professor F.W.A. Korsten

  • Sobhi, F. (Fatemeh), Film and Literary Studies
    A narratological study of Jean Rhys, a Caribbean-British writer of early- and mid-twentieth century
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. E.J. van Alphen

  • Somers, J.A. (Julie), English Literature and Culture
    Women and the Written Word: Gender and Textual Culture in the Twelfth-Century Renaissance
    Supervisors: Dr Erik Kwakkel

  • Sun, Y. (Yuan), Neerlandistiek/Dutch Studies
    Nederlandstalige literatuur in Chinese vertaling
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. O.J. Praamstra

  • Tilburg, C.R. van (Cornelis), Classics
    Traffic and Hygiene in the Roman Empire
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. H.F.J. Horstmanshoff

  • Veer, C.B. van 't (Coen), Dutch Language, Culture and Society/Neerlandistiek
    De kolonie op drift (The colony afloat)
    Supervisor: Prof.dr. O.J. Praamstra

  • Veiga, L. (Leonor), Art history
    Revising Tradition Within the Contemporary
    Supervisor: Professor Kitty Zijlmans

  • Wijngaards, M.N.A. (Martijn)
    Early Modern Historic Songs Based On Medieval Narrative Prose
    Supervisors: Professor Wim van Anrooij and Dr Geert Warnar

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