D. (Daniela) Merolla

  • Researcher
  • African languages and cultures

Fields of interest

African oral literature, myths, novels, theatre, films, virtual reality, artistic productions, immigrant literatures in Dutch, English, French and Italian, anthropological and literary readings of narratives, ethnicity, gender, identity.


- African Oral Literatures and Technology.

- African Migrant Art on the Net and in the Netherlands: Local Cultural Traditions, Transnationalism, and Identity.

- Berber oral and written literature and films

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Curriculum Vitae

Daniela MEROLLA is Associate Professor of African Literatures and Media at the Department of African Languages and Cultures, University of Leiden, The Netherlands. She studied Comparative Literature and Anthropology of Religions and specialized in Amazigh/Berber Literature. Since September 2014, she is Director of the MA Programme in African Studies. She has worked on African oral literary productions as well as on written literatures and media in African and European languages. Her last research project concerns the interactions between African Oral Literatures and Technology. Some of her publications are Transcultural Modernities, Narrating Africa in Europe, E. Bekers, S. Helff and D. Merolla (Eds.), Rodopi, Amsterdam 2009;  Multimedia Research and Documentation of Oral Genres in Africa - The Step Forward,,D. Merolla, J. Jansen and K. Naït-Zerrad,(Eds.), Köppe Verlag, Köln, 2012;  D.Merolla, De l’art de la narration tamazight (berbère). 200 cents ans d'études : état des lieux et perspectives, Éditions Peeters, Paris, Louvain, 2006, and Migrant Cartographies: New Cultural and Literary Spaces in Post-Colonial Europe, S.Ponzanesi and D. Merolla (Eds.), Lexington Books, USA, 2005.

Key publications

2014. Merolla, D. African Verbal Arts on the Internet: Somalia Holland Online and Sankofa.nl, At the Crossroads. readings of the postcolonial and the Global in african Literature and Visual Art, G.negash, A Frohne, and S. Zadi (Eds.), Africa World Press, trenton/London etc., pp. 161-178. 

2014. Merolla, D. Intersections: Amazigh (Berber) Literary Space, Vitality and Dinamism. Interstitial Dialogues of Language, Politics, and religion in Morocco's Literary Tradition, K. R. Bratt, Y. Elbousty, D. Stewart, and D.J. Steward (Eds.), Leiden University Press, Leiden, pp. 47-72. 

2013. Merolla, D. and F. Ameka in collaboration with K. Dorvlo, Researchers as Griots? Reflections on Multimedia Fieldwork in West Africa,  Oral Literature in the Digital Age: Archiving Orality and Connectingwith Communities, M. Turin, C. Wheeler and E. Wilkinson (Eds.), World Oral Literature Series, Open Book Publishers, Cambridge, pp.65-90.

2013. Merolla, D. Music on Dutch Moroccan websites, Performing Islam, vol. 1, no.2, pp. 291-315.

2013. Merolla, D. La lunga ombra dell’orientalismo tra studi africani e studi berberi in Italia, Incontri. Rivista europea di studi italiani, 28, 1 (“Italy’s Colonial Past Reconsidered”), pp. 68-82.

2012. Merolla, D. La Narration dans l’espace littéraire berbère, Encyclopédie Berbère, vol. 33 and 34, pp. 5236-5251.

2012. Merolla D., J. Jansen and K. Naït-Zerrad, Multimedia Research and Documentation of Oral Genres in Africa - The Step Forward, Köppe Verlag, Köln.

2011. I. Brinkman, S. Lamoureaux, D. Merolla, and M. de Bruijn, “Local Stories, Global Discussions: websites, politics and identity in African contexts”, Popular Media, Democracy and Citizenship in Africa, H. Wasserman (Ed.), series ‘Internationalising Media Studies’, series editor D. Thussu, Routledge, pp. 236-252.

2010. Hogbetsotso: celebration and songs of the Ewe migration story.Interview with Dr. Datey-Kumodzie. Ameka, F.K., Dorvlo, K.G.E. & D. Merolla. In D. Merolla (Ed.), Verba Africana series - Video documentation and Digital Materials (Electronic publication). Leiden: Leiden University.

2009, Dangerous Love in mythical narratives and formula tales, Religion, vol.39, pp. 283-288.

2009. Poetics of Transition: Africa and Dutch Literary Space, Transcultural Modernities: Narrating Africa in Europe, E. Bekers, S. Helff and D. Merolla (Eds.), Matatu series No. 36, Rodopi, Amsterdam/New York, pp. 35-55.

A complete list of publications is available under 'Published work' (top page).

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