D. (David) Louwrier

  • PhD student

Fields of interest

Art and science collaborations, bio-art, the societal debate around the biobased society, photosynthesis 


The title of my project is 'Making a field of interpretation for BioSolar Cells'. It aims to create an open space for public discussion of the implications of the biobased economy. The application of BioSolar cells in a new energy system will have profound impact on the production and use of energy resources. The project explores a new way of engaging the public in addressing the questions raised by BioSolar Cells that concern society at large, outside the realm of scientific research or industrial production, with artistic probes for debate. The search for this new communication form involves bioart, as a form of art in which both research on biosolar cells and public debate are visible. Bioartists are able to work on the ethical implications of the new techniques, before these are established, and communicate these to different stakeholders. The artists have a different approach by working hands-on with the te chniques, in contrast to the classic ethicists. One of my roles is to work in the lab with the artist and analyze both the different relationships and the scientific work. The art works and interactive artistic performances are presented and discussed in public events with the objective of shaping ethical guidelines, and will also provide input to my dissertation.

Teaching activities

I participate in the organization of the honoursclass VivoArts.

Curriculum vitae

I completed my Master Life Science and Technology at the TU Delft (2010) and I hold a Bachelor degree in the same field (2008).

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