Dr. A.L.B. (Astrid) van Weyenberg

  • Lecturer
  • Literary Studies
  • Cultural Analysis

Telephone number: +31 (0)71 527 8003
E-Mail: a.l.b.van.weyenberg@hum.leidenuniv.nl
Faculty / Department: Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen, Centre for the Arts in Society, Literatuurwetenschap
Office Address: Johan Huizingagebouw
Doelensteeg 16
2311 VL Leiden
Room number 1.02b

Fields of interest

Postcolonial Studies, Globalization Studies, South African Literature, African Drama, Irish Drama, Greek Tragedy, Literary and Cultural Theory.


I am especially interested in the relation between literature and politics. This relation is at the core of my book “The Politics of Adaptation: Contemporary African Drama and Greek Tragedy” (Brill, 2013). There, I analyze how African reworkings of Greek tragedies perform a cultural politics directed at the Europe that has traditionally considered Greece as its property, foundation and legitimization. I additionally discuss how these adaptations invite us to reconsider how we think about the genre of tragedy and about the cultural process of adaptation.

At present, I am doing research on constructions of Europe as a narrative in European cultural projects. I seek to analyze what stories of and for Europe cultural projects construct and what political implications a close reading of these stories reveals.

Teaching activities

  • Literature and Theory
  • Poetry Analysis
  • Interculturality: Key Concepts
  • Histories of Gender and Sexuality
  • Contemporary Visions of Gender and Sexuality
  • World Literature
  • Academic Skills
  • Introduction to Dramatic Media (theater)
  • Comparative Studies
  • BA and MA Thesis Supervision

Curriculum vitae

  • Lecturer, Department of Film and Literary Studies, Leiden University (Since 2014)
  • Lecturer, Department of Literary Studies, University of Amsterdam (2010-2014).
  • Part-time Lecturer, Department of English Language and Culture, University of Amsterdam (2011-2012).
  • AiO (funded PhD position), The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, Department of Literary Studies, University of Amsterdam (2005-2010).

Key Publication(s)

  • “Ook Vluchteling hoort bij Europese Geschiedenis.” Opinion piece in Dutch daily newspaper De Volkskrant. 6 November 2015.
  • "Repairing Europe: A Critical Reading of Storytelling in European Cultural Projects," Peripheral Visions in the Globalizing Present. Thamyris/Intersecting: Place, Sex, and Race Eds. Hanneke Stuit, Esther Peeren and Astrid Van Weyenberg. Amsterdam: Brill, 2016.
  • “From Black Athena to Black Dionysus and beyond? Some thoughts on analysing African adaptations of Greek tragedy,” World Language(s) and World Literature(s). Eds. Theo D’haen & Iannis Goerlandt. Amsterdam/New York: John Benjamins, 2015.
  • “African Antigones: Pasts, Presents, Futures,” The Returns of Antigone. Eds. Tina Chanter & Sean Kirkland. New York: State University of New York Press, 2014: 261-280.
  • Monograph The Politics of Adaptation: Contemporary African Drama and Greek Tragedy. Amsterdam: Rodopi Publishers, 2013.
  • “Staging Transition: The Oresteia in post-apartheid South Africa," Art and Visibility in Migratory Culture: Enacting Conflict and Resistance, Aesthetically. Eds. Mieke Bal & Miguel Ángel Hernandez-Navarro. Amsterdam: Rodopi Publishers, 2012: 69-90.
  • “Wole Soyinka's Yoruba Tragedy: Performing Politics,” African Athena: New Agendas Eds. Daniel Orrells, Gurminder Bhambra & Tessa Roynon. Oxford University Press, 2011: 326-342.
  • “Looking in, from elsewhere,” with Paulina Aroch Fugellie, Eighty-eight: Mieke Bal PhDs 1983-2011. Eds. Esther Peeren & Murat Aydemir. Amsterdam: ASCA Press, 2011: 199-208.
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  • Book review: Alma Parens Originalis? The Receptions of Classical Literature and Thought in Africa, Europe, the United States, and Cuba, Acta Classica, Journal of the Classical Association of South Africa, 2009: 135-138.
  • “‘Rewrite this ancient end!’ Staging transition in post-apartheid South Africa,” New Voices in Classical Reception Studies 3. Ed. Lorna Hardwick, 2008. Online.
  • “Antigone on the African Stage: ‘Wherever the call for freedom is heard!’” Migrant Settings, Thamyris/Intersecting: Place, Sex, and Race. Eds. Murat Aydemir & Alex Rotas. Amsterdam: Rodopi Publishers, 2008: 119-137.
  • Encyclopaedic entries: “Liz Lochhead” and “Mary Queen of Scots got her Head Chopped Off,” Columbia Grolier Encyclopedia of Modern Drama. Eds. Gabrielle Cody & Evert Sprinchorn. 2008: 873-874.
  • “Antigone as Revolutionary Muse: Fémi Òsófisan’s Tègònni: an African Antigone,” Journal of African Literature and Culture 4: A Widening Frontier. Ed. Charles Smith, 2007: 59-80.

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