P. (Praveen) Sewgobind MA

  • PhD student
  • Cultural analysis

Fields of interest

Cultural and social analysis
Critical theory
Political philosophy
Coloniality & postcoloniality


Praveen Sewgobind is a PhD student at Leiden University whose main fields of interest are cultural and social analysis. In particular, Praveen is fascinated by the interrelations of tradition, modernity, and identification.
In his dissertation project “Beyond Dissemination: Hindustani Identifications at the Nexus of Tradition and Modernity” - supervisors prof. dr. Ernst van Alphen (Leiden University) and prof. dr. Chan Choenni (VU University) - Praveen explores the complex processes that have resulted from the Hindustani double migration (from India to Suriname to the Netherlands), which inform contemporary processes of identification. He argues that Indian, Surinamese, and Dutch cultures influence a fluidity of affiliations, which bring about questions regarding the relation between tradition and modernity, terms that are often juxtaposed. By critically assessing the (re-)production, circulation, and consumption of Hindustani cultures in the Netherlands, he problematises categorisations of tradition and modernity. In order to do so, Praveen will not only examine Hindustani literature and visual arts, but will also incorporate Hindustani food culture in his analysis, and investigate the increasing impact of Indian cinema (“Bollywood”) in the light of Hindustani identifications.
Apart from his dedication to cultural analysis and critical theory, he is also a devoted (conference) organiser (see www.nica-institute.com/is-thought-action) who wishes to interact with and enable dialogue with the global academic community.

Curriculum vitae

2009-2012: BA English Language and Culture (University of Amsterdam)
2012-2014: rMA Cultural Analysis (University of Amsterdam)
2015-present: PhD researcher LUCAS (Leiden University)

Ancillary Positions

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