Indonesian Studies

Research projects of the School of Asian Studies.

Asiascape – Contemporary East Asia Media Centre

Duration: 3 years
Nature: NWO (Internationalization) and IIAS and Toshiba International Foundation
Project members: Chris Goto-Jones, Ivo Smits, Kasia Cwiertka (Leiden); Thomas Lamarre (McGill); Susan Napier (Tufts); Lockyer (SOAS); Williams (Leeds); Takayuki (Keio)

 This project aims to create a research hub for the study of East Asian technoculture, particularly with a focus on politics and philosophy.  It is explicitly engaged in building an international network to organise this new field and to place Leiden at its hub.

Modern East Asia Research Centre (MEARC)

Duration: 3 years initially (2006-2008) - extended till at least end 2009
Nature: LU Board of Directors through Faculty of Humanities
Project leader: Goto-Jones ( Leiden), A. Schneider (Leiden)

Abstract: The aim of MEARC is to become the European hub of genuinely disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research on East Asia, in order to build bridges between the so-called ‘Area Studies’ and conventional disciplines such as Politics, History and Philosophy. It will achieve this through (support of) lectures, workshops, conferences, and publication of peer-reviewed books and articles and by the provision of research grants.

State and economy in modern Indonesia's change of regimes

Nature: NWO
Project members: Dr. J.Th. Lindblad, Prof. Leonard Blussé, 2 AIOs, international advisors

Abstract: This research programme focuses on key changes of regime in Indonesia during the twnetieth century, the construction of the late colonial state and the process of decolonization. It consists of two PhD research projects concerning respecitvely 'State performance and political culture in Indonesia' and 'The political economy of transition in Indonesia', both covering the period 1910s-1960. The output will consist of two PhD dissertations and the proceedings of an international conference to be held in 2011.

Economics, politics and culture in post-Independence Indonesia

Duration: Oct. 2007 - Oct. 2010
Nature: N.W.O. + ARC (Australian Research Council)
Project members: Participants: Dr. J.Th. Lindblad ( Leiden), Prof. Robert Cribb (Australian National University, Canberra), Prof. Bambang Purwanto (Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta)

Abstract: This project examines economic, political and social stresses in Indonesia immediately after the end of the independence struggle, in particular the 1950s. Plans embrace three international conferences in respectively Leiden (2008), Yogyakarta (2009) and Canberra (2010) as well as the construction of a website

Becoming a nation of readers in East Timor: Language policy and adult literacy development in a multilingual context (Also at LUCL)

Duration: 2009-2012
Nature: NWO integrated programmes
Project members: Tilburg University: Danielle Boon,Estevão Cabral, Edegar da Conceição Savio, Sjaak Kroon, Jeanne Kurvers ; Leiden University: Aone van Engelenhoven; Birmingham University:Marylin Martin-Jones; Universidade National de Timor-Leste: Benjamim de Ajaúro e Côrte-Real

Abstract: Literacy development in East-Timor, taking into account the country’s language and literacy policies.

Documentation and Archiving oral Traditions: Research and Interdisciplinary Approaches (Also at LUCL)

Duration: 2009-2011
Project members: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences:Yin hubin; Finish Literature Society: Lauri Harvilahti; Leiden University: Aone van Engelenhoven

Abstract: Beijing/Helsinki/Leiden cooperation on oral traditions.

Cultural Negotiation as Core Heritage in Timor-Leste Project (Also at LUCL)

Duration: 2006-2010
Nature: Fundação Para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Project members: Universidade Fernando Pessoa: Paulo Castro Seixas; Leiden University: Aone van Engelenhoven; Universidade de Brasília: Kelly C. Silva; Universidade de  Paz: Dionísio Babó Soares

Abstract: Translation as a core element in the cultures of East Timor.

Fataluku Bible Translation Project (Also at LUCL)

Duration: 2005-2010 (new application pending)
Nature: United Bible Societies
Project members: Leiden university: Aone van Engelenhoven; United Bible Societies: Stephen Pattemore

Abstract: Bible translation in Fataluku and Fataluku literacy

Alor-Pantar languages: origins and theoretical impact (Also at LUCL)

Duration: 2009-2012
Nature: ESF Eurocores program (EuroBabel) (contribution by NWO 215,000; contribution by AHRC 485,000; contribution by NSF 235,000)
Project members: Leiden Individual project: M. Klamer (Project leader) & 1 postdoc (to be assigned) (contribution by NWO 215,000); Surrey Individual project: Prof. G. Corbett, dr. D. Brown, & 1 postdoc (to be assigned) (contribution by AHRC 485,000); Alaska Individual project: Dr. Gary Holton & 1 postdoc (to be assigned) (contribution by NSF 235,000)

Abstract: Nog maar kort geleden hoorden de 15-20 talen van Alor en Pantar in Zuidoost Indonesie tot de minst bekende ter wereld, en alle worden ze met uitsterven bedreigd. Intensief veldwerkonderzoek gedurende de afgelopen jaren (o.a. binnen het NWO project Linguistic variation in Eastern Indonesia: The Alor and Pantar project) bracht een rijkdom aan nieuwe gegevens aan het licht. Het EuroBabel Collaborative Research Project Alor-Pantar bouwt hierop voort en onderzoekt de implicaties voor de genetische classificatie van deze talen, de migratiepatronen van sprekers, en de morfosyntactische en semantische typologie. Het project heeft een totaal budget van E 935.000

Linguistic Variation in Eastern Indonesia: The Alor and Pantar project (Also at LUCL)

Duration: 2002-2008
Nature: NWO Vernieuwingsimpuls
Project members: Dr M. Klamer, Dr. L. Baird, Drs. F. Kratochvil (defended his PhD in 2007 and is thus now Dr.)

Abstract: The research in this project concerns an initial survey of the linguistic situation on the islands Alor and Pantar where an estimated 15-20 languages are spoken, as well as in-depth description of four of these languages: Abui, Teiwa, Alorese, and Klon. In this project we combine the urgent need to document these languages with a comparative and theoretical analysis of a specific set of their structural characteristics. The cross-linguistic comparisons will have a genetic, areal, as well as a typological angle. The project has a budget of E 650,000.

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