Leiden alumna wins prize for MA thesis

Renate Dekker has recieved the Kardinaal Willebrands prize on tuesday 17 March for her MPhil thesis 'The Sahidic Encomium of Pesunthios, bishop of Keft: towards a new understanding, based on a recently discovered manuscript'.

Renate Dekker
Renate Dekker has studied Egyptology at Leiden University (BA and MA). The two year MPhil Middle Eastern Studies (track Christianity of the Middle East) she concluded cum laude in July 2008 with her thesis on The Sahidic Encomium of Pesunthios. With this thesis, she not only presents a new vision on the tradition of this 7th century Coptic text, but also on the literary and rhetoric aspects of this hagiographical document. Renate Dekker is now a PhD student at the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies (LIAS). 

Kardinaal Willebrands prize
The Kardinaal Willebrands prize is awarded every five years to the best master thesis in the study of eastern christianity, submitted at a Dutch university or academy. The prize is being awarded by the Institute for Eastern Christianity, affiliated with the Radboud University. The prize was issued on 17 March by Mar Polycarpus, bishop of the Syrian-Orthodox Church in the Netherlands, and prof. dr. E. Kimman SJ, president of the Kardinaal Willebrands Archive Foundation. An amount of € 1500 is connected to the prize.

Last Modified: 28-03-2011