Prof. dr. C. (Kees) van Dijk (emeritus)

  • Affiliated fellow
  • Political and religious developments in Southeast Asia

Prof. dr. Kees van Dijk (1946) has been a researcher at the KITLV since 1968. He has held a chair as Professor of the History of Islam in Indonesia at Leiden University since 1985. In this capacity he is closely involved in the post-graduate training in Leiden of students from Indonesian Islamic institutions of higher education.

Kees van Dijk studied non-Western sociology at Leiden University and specialized in Indonesian studies. He graduated in 1970, whereafter he obtained his PhD at Leiden University in 1981. The title of his PhD thesis was ‘Rebellion under the banner of Islam: the Darul Islam in Indonesia’.

Kees van Dijk’s research focusses on political and religious developments in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Thailand, and the Southern Philippines from 1900 until the present. He is also interested in cultural manifestations of nation-building and community identity. He had published extensively on these subjects. Many of his publications deal with contemporary political developments in Indonesia. Other topics he has published on range from pan-Islamism in the Netherlands Indies and pupils’ and communal violence in Indonesia, to patriotic songs in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and attire in Indonesia in colonial and post-colonial times. He has just finished the manuscript of a book about the Netherlands Indies during World War I and is in the process of writing one about (Islamic) Southeast Asia after September 11, 2001. A number of his publications, including his PhD thesis, have been translated in Indonesian. Some have been reprinted.

Professor Kees van Dijk has been the editor of the Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs and of the popular magazine Orion, and he organizes the KITLV workshops on Southeast Asian studies. He also served and continues to serve on several scholarly committees. He has frequently travelled to Southeast Asia.

Last Modified: 11-12-2015