Drs. D.A.M. (Rieneke) Sonnevelt

  • PhD student
  • Assyriology, Mesopotamia, Aramic, Targumic Literature

Fields of interest:

- The (history of the) Aramaic Language;
- Mesopotamia in the first millennium BC;
- Aramaic epigraphs on cuneiform clay tablets;
- Languages in contact;
- Targumic Literature.

PhD research

Aramaic Inscriptions on Cuneiform Clay Tablets from First Millenium BC Babylonia
Supervisors: Caroline Waerzeggers and Margaretha Folmer

My research focuses on the spread and use of the Aramaic language in Babylonian society during the first millennium BC. For this purpose, I conduct a linguistic and socio-historical analysis of the Aramaic inscriptions contained on cuneiform clay tablets from the Neo-Babylonian and Achaemenid periods. This research is carried out in the framework of ERC project "By the Rivers of Babylon".


2013      PhD research at Leiden University
2012      ResMa in Linguistics, LUCL / Hebrew and Aramaic Studies at Leiden University
2009      BA in Applied Linguistics, VU University, Amsterdam
                Minor Hebrew Language and Culture, University of Amsterdam

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